Edit Fest – Learning Curve

May 17, 2013 at 12:27 am (writing) (, , , , , , )

Going back to older manuscripts is difficult. There’s a huge difference between really old first drafts and my latest edits of the same book. The quality of earlier work is embarrassing and if I dig out my old trunk manuscript (a terrible novel I wrote when I was fifteen) the temptation to burn it is hard to resist – I keep it to remind myself how far I’ve managed to come when I get frustrated with my current progress. I don’t see as drastic a difference from first draft to final edit now, but that’s because the learning curve is a steep one in the beginning, but I’m now on the shallower end. I’ve done the lion’s share of my learning at this point and my newer learning, while it still continues, comes in trickles and dribbles. It still has me wondering how much further I have to go to make it into a pro-rate venue, and if at this rate, I’ll have any hope of actually getting there.

I still get sales though, and today’s submission blitz update actually offers up an acceptance. My “The Godmother’s Curse” has been accepted by a small Canadian venue (yay!) Apparently, the third time was a charm.


  1. bottledworder said,

    Glad the 3rd time was a charm!

  2. L. Marie said,

    Congrats on your acceptance!!!! Love your illustrations by the way. I also have some old stories I keep even though I’m embarrassed by them. I have some old ones from when I was around eight years old, complete with illustrations!!!

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