The Blurb on Other People’s Words – MMCF 2

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Midnight Movie Creature Feature 2 edited by T. W. Brown

I was looking forward to digging into this anthology because the first Midnight Movie Creature Feature was such a treat. While this anthology didn’t quite reach the high bar set by its predecessor, it was still an entertaining medley of mostly creature features. I say mostly, because a couple of the stories had no real creature to speak of, as another reviewer pointed out. Despite the fact that they didn’t quite fit with the theme, they were still thoroughly enjoyable stories – they just seemed a little out of place.

Aside from the odd editing issue and a couple of stories that were a little too over the top for my tastes, this was a great read and the illustrations were exceptional. Most of the stories had a very “spooky” quality – the fear generated less based on shock and gore (not that they weren’t there, they just were a predominant feature) and more on suspense and an overall eerie factor. I actually prefer this type of horror – stories offering a good scare more so than a sense of revulsion (or in some instances, providing a combination of the two.) Here are my favourite picks:

Dark Waters by Lillian Csernica – This one presented a good dose of spooky and suspense. I like the phobic element and the mysterious air associated with the ocean and Bill. I also found the ending appealing – great twist there.

Piggy back by Matt Kurtz and Palmetto by Suzi M– More ooky than spooky, these ones captured the true flavour of a late night horror flick. I think because I’m a parent, I found Piggyback particularly disturbing.

How Do You Do It, Mr. Sullivan by Jill Behe – This was one of the stories that didn’t quite fit with the theme, but on its own merits, it was a pretty fabulous story. Its Dexter-esque storyline had me hooked from the start.

While I wouldn’t rate this the same sure-fire five as the first MMCF, I’d like to give it a 4.5, which I guess I’ll round up for star-rating purposes to a marginal five.

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