Edit Fest – Happy Mother’s Day

May 13, 2013 at 12:59 am (writing) (, , , , , , , )

Before I talk about my progress, I’m sending out a big “Happy Mother’s Day” to my own mother and all the mothers I know. I spent my mother’s day editing and received some beautiful jewelry (Dianne’s wonderful work,) some chocolate almonds and a decorative paperweight my son made at school.

I’m almost finished with the edits on Victims of Circumstance. I got to edit my favourite chapter ever – Chapter 17 of this particular novel. It’s not my favourite novel overall, but that chapter, which follows an extended battle scene (including the immediate aftermath), definitely merits my personal preference.

I expect to finish up the edits tonight, which is good timing as the galleys I was waiting on came in today, for both Prisoners of Fate and Providence. I’m really excited to review them (PoF first.) By the time I’m done with all this editing, I’m going to be desperate to get back to writing. I think I’ll be able to finish Sifting the Ashes in record time. Then I take a short break before I start in on Endeavor.

Blitz report : I received a new rejection today, for “Stitches in Time” but it was nice. They did say they enjoyed the story but they had too many strong submissions and had to pass on some they liked. It goes back up as available for submission.


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