Edit Fest – Not Enough Hours

May 7, 2013 at 11:33 pm (fantasy, writing) (, , , , , , , , )

I have always loved to read. When I was younger I was a voracious reader and I would be now if I could set my own hours as I please. As an adult with adult responsibilities, it’s not that simple. My accounting job takes up the better part of my week, spending time with family is a welcome requirement, I tackle as little housework as I can get away with, and I do some gardening and other chores – like walking the dog. My “spare” time is consumed by writing and writing associated endeavours (editing, marketing, submissions, networking, research, etc.) So if I want to read, I usually have to sacrifice something else, usually the non-work-or-family activities.

I still do read, regularly, but not the way I used to. I ran into an old friend on the bus; my commute is currently my reading time, and I gave it up to be social. We discussed books, and I was disappointed that he talked about books he has read lately that I want to read, but doubt I’ll be likely to get to them (until I retire, perhaps.) I already have enough books on my Kindle to last me a couple of years at the pace I’ve been reading, as well as several print copies waiting in the queue, and I’m sure to accumulate more as time passes.

Anyway, I am making a point to read more this month, since I’m not working toward any deadline at the moment and I tend to approach editing with a more casual attitude than I do writing. I’m hoping to finish reading one anthology tomorrow and start right on into another. I’m also itching to get back into working on Sifting the Ashes again. I may plunge into Chapter 7 this weekend.

Until then, it’s back to working on edits for Victims of Circumstance…

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