Submission Blitz – Day 24

April 25, 2013 at 12:40 am (writing) (, , , , , , )

I finished up “It Was Askin’ fer a Whackin'” and submitted it for an anthology. I think I have my last six submissions all figured out, which means I’ll make it to day 30 without any problem. One thing I am thinking of doing is submitting once again to the pro-rate venue that sent me the highly insulting rejection letter. I have to admit that a rejection letter with a personal attack was jarring and offensive, but should I let that one nasty letter deter me? I may have caught one of the slush-waders on a bad day – some intern who may have just gotten his own work returned to him with a big red “rejected” stamp and he felt like being horrible to anyone he had to deal with that day – out of frustration.

If I send in another submission, I may get “slushed” by a completely different intern, one without a bug up their butt. That, and they’ve now made it clear they prefer submissions that have already been published elsewhere. Since this venue is a podcast, and none of the contracts I signed for my stories include audio rights, that leaves me with a lot of options. I could just start sending in a steady stream of stories until they get sick of me and accept one just to shut me up. Sometimes persistence can pay off in this business and after a month of submissions, all of the angst involved in expecting rejections is wearing thin. I just don’t care about the “no”s anymore. It’s only the “yes”s that count for anything.

I’m not sure what new story I’m going to start tomorrow, but I will be tackling the three novel submissions before blitz’s end. The main cause for reluctance is the time commitment. Most of the bigger publishers willing to consider rookie work (and they consider those small press published as rookies) have wait times of several months to even a year or more.

Ah well, go big or go home – right?

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