Submission Blitz – Day 23

April 24, 2013 at 12:49 am (writing) (, , , , , , , )

I’m about half-way through “It Was Askin’ for a Whackin’,” so I found an online magazine to submit “Implements” to (gotta love flash fiction.) I expect I’ll run out of short fiction to submit by this weekend. I’m building up the nerve to start shopping out the novels I have ready. If I’m going to do that, I’m going to go big, with a few larger publishers who accept unagented, unsolicited manuscripts in mind. Almost a guaranteed rejection, but so what? I won’t be any worse off for it than I am now, and I can add it to my list of experiences.

I think I had forgotten somewhat that that’s all I was really looking for with my attempts to get published: a chance to see where my writing could go and to try new things. If my efforts pan out, fine – if not, well, it’s about the journey, not the destination. We’re all headed towards the same end. It’s a matter of doing what we can to enjoy the trip. Making yourself miserable with hours spent on ineffective promotion, or fretting over a lack of support from folks who are supposed to be adding their efforts to your own or who are failing to follow through on promises, sort of defeats the purpose. I’ll be a little burnt out from this submission push at the end of the month, but I still think this was a very useful project.

I’m actually looking forward to doing some editing next month, if only for a breather, then picking up where I left off on my latest novel. I can hear the threatening clack of cosmic scissors if I don’t get back to it. I’m not allowed to leave it unfinished and I’m motivated now to get it done.

More tomorrow J


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