Submission Blitz – Day 18

April 18, 2013 at 10:40 pm (writing) (, , , , , , , )

I checked my inbox hoping for rejection letters, twice even, but no go. I’m starting to employ my emergency submissions. Today I submitted “Winter’s Hunger” to a writing competition, one of my final few remaining options.

I did get three responses to submissions since last I posted: two receipt confirmations and one letter telling me my story had made it into round two of readings for a pro-rate venue. This has happened before; I’ve made it into second and even third rounds. I’ve just never made the final cut – kind of like the writer’s version of “Always the bride’s maid…”

The hubby got around to reading my two Japanese shorts and aside from Sir Niggler finding a typo in one of them (I love him for that) he also commented that while he liked them, they didn’t read as if I had written them. All I can do is shrug and hypothesize that since it’s not my typical choice of theme, I went about it a different way.

I’m hoping to finish “On the Tip of her Tongue” by tomorrow (the foul language in it makes me cringe – but it’s not gratuitous) and a couple of flash pieces over the weekend. I currently have 5 things I could submit right now, if you count the 3 novels – 8 if I get those 3 pieces finished. I have 12 days left in the month, so I either need more rejections or I’m going to have to come up with 4 more from who knows where. I can see me rushing in a few last flash pieces to make this work.

Tomorrow’s going to be another sad day for me. Barb’s memorial service takes place in the evening and just getting through that will be rough. When I post tomorrow it’ll likely be late and I’ll no doubt be unhappy. Don’t expect me to smile.


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