Submission Blitz – Day 17

April 17, 2013 at 11:39 pm (horror, writing) (, , , , , , , )

Oh joy! Oh bliss! A rejection letter!

No, seriously, I’m happy about this. I was starting to run out of things to submit. Unfortunately it wasn’t from one of my older submissions. It was from a submission I made earlier this month to … you guessed it … a pro-rate venue. Not a surprise. On a positive note, they did not send me a form rejection letter, but instead something reasonably pleasant (they called the story “imaginative”) with feedback. That made me happy, and I turned around and re-submitted it elsewhere (a venue actually looking for Canadian content – yay CanCon!) From the sounds of it, I missed the end of the last reading period by a 3+ months, but they are accepting submissions for the next one. It just might be a while before I hear anything from them – good or bad.

Since I didn’t find any submission requests that jumped out at me, I decided to get to work again on “On the Tip of her Tongue.” I hope to have it done by the weekend so I can work on more flash fiction for a couple of days. It is a Sam Raimi-esque, Evil-Dead-ish, both funny ha-ha and funny strange kind of horror story. I didn’t abandon it out of writer’s block or disinterest but because I had promised Barb that I would start my next novel on the first day of the next month. When that day came, the story was incomplete so I set it aside to finish later – I could never refuse Barb – and I guess later is now.

I’m still stupefied by the fact that I got this far with the blitz and I may make it all the way to day 30. We’ll see what the next couple of weeks bring.

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