Submission Blitz – Day 8

April 8, 2013 at 10:47 pm (writing) (, , , , , , )

I can’t believe I actually managed to bring “The Maw” in under 500 words, but I did – 486 to be exact. That meant I could submit it to the anthology I had in mind, which was a happy thing for me. I’ve gotten the impression that folks think I’m not bad at writing flash fiction. I regularly get compliments on it (I got one just yesterday for my piece in Slices of Flesh) and my “Little Sister” made it into the finals of Fangoria’s Weird Words contest – they said they had received over a thousand entries. I find what works best is if I limit the story to one moment, with a minimum of background and as little description as I figure I can get away with. Normally, I find this is easiest done if the story is written in first person narrative, even though I find writing in first particularly difficult, but I did end up writing “The Maw” in third. “Flash!,” “Little Sister,” “What I’ve Gots in my Pocketses,” “Thanksgiving Special,” and “On a Wing and a Prayer” were all written in first person.

Good news – I received two more receipt confirmations. It’s always nice to know that the publisher actually received your submissions.

Since I haven’t had any takers on offering me a challenge for the next story, I’m going to take a shot writing to a request for submissions for an anthology with a Japanese mythology theme. There’s still plenty of time to offer up a challenge (paid or charity venues – I don’t do “exposure only”) by the end of the month.


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