Submission Blitz – Day 4

April 5, 2013 at 1:00 am (horror, writing) (, , , , , )

Who would have thought I’d be submitting a Christmas story in April, but when a submission request notice popped up on my screen today looking for Christmas horror stories for a charity anthology, I knew this was a great opportunity for my “never before submitted elsewhere” story, “Deck the Halls.” The story still needed a bit of tweaking before I could send it out, but it only took a couple of hours and it now meets the submission requirements. I hadn’t even been contemplating this story as a possible submission option this month, so it made for a pleasant surprise. Only 26 more submissions to go.

I made some more progress on “Stitches in Time” today, with hopes that I’ll have it finished for tomorrow. I would have gotten even more done if the sun hadn’t been glaring off my netbook screen during my bus commute – it made for difficult writing. I have a three day weekend, and I’m aiming to get in two or three flash fiction stories during this time.

Anyway, back to other business for now – more tomorrow.

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