Submission Blitz – Day 2

April 3, 2013 at 1:19 am (writing) (, , , , , , )

So I’m holding to my goal of a submission a day in April. Today I’m submitting “The Storyteller’s Affliction” for the umpteenth time (actually, I think it’s only the fifth or sixth time, but I don’t feel inclined to count.) This anthology offers a really good fit for it, so I’m very hopeful. The payment is three hardcover contributor copies, no cash, but that kind of excites me nevertheless. I don’t have anything published in hardcover yet, and I’m itching to see that happen.

I also started work on my story for the “writing to a submission request” goal – tentatively called “Stitches in Time.” Considering the amount of distraction in my life right now, short stories seem the way to go. I hope to have this finished and ready for Thursday’s submission, at which point I’ll have to pick out my next project. I’m still open for challenges. I’m even willing to take on something I’d never normally tackle…steampunk western or leprechaun romance – whatever. If you’re feeling sadistic, throw something like that my way, but it has to be a legitimate request for submissions – somewhere I can submit the story when I’m done.

My record for getting acceptances for stories I write to a specific submission request is abysmal, “The Storyteller’s Affliction” being a prime example. I hardly ever get accepted when I do this, although it has happened on occasion, and I have at least three stories of this type that have been rejected multiple times. But I also have a strange number that were accepted upon second or third submission. “Orbs,” “Octavia,” and “Life and Undeath on the Chain Gang” are just a few examples.

I spent a chunk of the day saving my content from my website and it saved quite effectively as a series of Word documents. That gives me hope that it might transfer well to an alternate website host with less rebuilding required then I thought. I’ll tackle the hunt for a suitable host this weekend.

I also baked cupcakes with my daughter for a bake sale. Little things like that, time well spent with family, makes me happy even when everything else isn’t so wonderful.

‘Til tomorrow’s submission.


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