Submission Blitz – Day 1

April 2, 2013 at 2:04 am (writing) (, , , , , , )

Right now, I have about as much drive as an old beater with a dead battery and an empty gas tank. 2013 has not been a kind year, for me or the people I care about. To add inconvenience to misery, I’ve just found out the webserver hosting my website is shutting down, so I’m going to have to completely redo my website elsewhere (and order new business cards.) I’m forcing myself to work on things, but I can’t say I have much in the way of feedback or encouragement to urge me onwards. Am I wasting my time? Would my energy be better invested elsewhere? It’s something I’m going to have to figure out before making the effort to rebuild my website somewhere new.

I’m still going to do my April submission blitz. If I end up with encouraging results, I’ll steel myself to cope with everything disheartening 2013 has thrown at me. If it doesn’t go well, maybe it’s time I heed the signs and figure out something more valuable to do with my time. I have twenty novels written and dozens of stories – more than some writers manage in a lifetime. Considering how things have stalled out for me, maybe that’s enough.

For now, I’ve submitted my short story “The Lesson” to a publisher for an anthology as my day one effort in the blitz, and since I haven’t received any challenges, I going to write to this one: Witches, Stitches, and Bitches – What if you had the power to sew up the mouth of the evil bitch who called you fat in 10th grade? How would you deal with a curse that caused you to be infertile because you stole the heart of someone else’s love? Would you choose love or the ability to have children? We are looking for 13 stories involving a witch, a stitch, and a bitch.

I’ll be sending out my next submission tomorrow – ’til then.


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