Vicarious Dreaming

March 16, 2013 at 1:44 am (Fervor, Links, writing) (, , , , , , )

I took my daughter to see The Rise of the Guardians today and found myself swept up in its totally unbelievable tale. Why? Because the holiday myths act like superheroes in the story and I adore superheroes.

I grew up wishing I could be a person who protects others. I would have loved to have joined the military, the police force or become a firefighter, but my back injury and reflex issues, thanks to a car accident when I was five, ruled those things out. I’m too squeamish at the sight of other people’s blood to be a savior of the medical kind. I settled on being a civil servant where I try to help people, but the rules I have to follow don’t always allow me to give them as much help as they need, unfortunately.

So my desire to be the guardian, to come to others’ rescue, has been relegated to dreams – and often times to delving into dreams manifested by other people. I have to experience the superhero life vicariously.

I have watched the majority of the superhero movies out there. I have played every superhero RPG I could get my hands on, starting with Villains and Vigilantes, moving on to DC Heroes and Marvel Superheroes and finishing up with GURPS Supers and Champions (the best one, in my opinion.) I have an eclectic collection of comic books with obscure supers like Flare and well-known favourites like Iron Man. I devoured the Wild Cards series with great gusto. I’ve even dressed up as She-Hulk before.

And now, thanks to the Masked Mosaic, I now have my own superhero story published.

The surprising thing is that despite my love for superheroes, I’ve only written two stories of that type – the one now published, “A Face in the Wind,” and a darker tale I submitted to a charity anthology (I’m still waiting to hear if it will be used.) I’ve had plenty of ideas, but none I could see making into a full novel and there aren’t that many venues out there looking for a superhero short story.

What sort of characters have I created in the past?

Well, there was Epoxy, a chemist who had created a super-suit and gadgets all fabricated from her own variant of super-glue; Cypress, a shape-shifting archer with divine powers; Finder, a super-detective whose skills proved to be the basis for the Finders in my Fervor series; Silver Bullet/Silver Jet, who had super-sonic flight and could shrink to bullet-size; Jackpot, a superhero with extraordinary luck, and many others. I love coming up with new concepts and themes.

Will I ever write a full superhero novel? Maybe, if I can come up with a solid story idea for something that length, one that is truly original. I don’t want to rehash something that has been done before.

Until then, I’ll stick to the odd super short story and enjoying the dreams of others.

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