Love and Hawthorne – Soul Connections

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“Soul mates” is a term you’ll hear in connection with people in love who consider themselves made for one another. In Nathaniel Hawthorne’s love letters to Sophie, he implies that they are already bound by the soul. He refers to her letters to him as “spiritual food” that helps keep his soul alive. He also compares her love to religion, “purifying his aims and desires”.

Considering true love is supposed to take root in the soul, it’s hard not to make some reference to the soul when writing a romantic relationship into your plot that is far deeper than warm fuzzies or simple infatuation. It is difficult to explain otherwise, that kind of all-encompassing connection between two people.

I’m guilty of resorting to describing a soulful bond between characters on more than one occasion. Here are a few examples (the first one involves telepaths):

Camille raised her eyes to his, digging that hole for him even deeper. Then, to make matters worse, she flung her mind wide open to him, so that he was aware of every raw thought and feeling there. She had been wounded by this warped lottery, although she had hidden it well, and she desperately sought comfort, but the hardest part for Royce about this sudden exposḗ was her current state of arousal and how much she did want him. That was too much for him to resist. This abrupt move drove all thoughts of Katrina temporarily out of his mind, and there was a cascade effect, as their mutual attraction reinforced itself when they delved into each others’ psyche. His thoughts interlocked with hers, sweeping away any remaining reservation like it was a fine layer of dust. Straying beyond the point where he could deny impulse, he found himself kissing her. The tendrils of her thoughts teased at the inside of his head, exploring everything that he was the way that her tongue explored the interior of his mouth.


But Addy was older now; she was becoming a woman, and she yearned for something more than friendship, just as Lee did. For some inexplicable reason though, she wanted that from Javan and no one else … Javan – intangible, unreachable and only real to her. It didn’t make any sense, but nothing much ever did in her messed-up, frustrating life. Maybe it was his words: “you’re my purpose, my reason for being. You’re my heart.” Those were the sentiments she couldn’t let go of. They had gripped a part of her soul that was now his and his alone.
-When You Whisper


After commiserating with Finch, Clayton made his way to Dee’s room. She did not try to stop him from coming in, but she was completely non-responsive when he tried to communicate with her. He stayed there with her, speaking with her gently and soothingly about little mundane things that had happened around the Academy over the past couple of years, despite the fact that she ignored him completely. He watched her the whole time he spoke to her, refusing to let the soulless look of her grey eyes dissuade him from his efforts. This would be one of many days he would have to do this, he knew that, but he would persist, and remain constant. That was what she needed, so that was what he was prepared to do.

He stayed with her until he had to go teach his classes, but he returned at every opportunity. He continued to sit and talk with her until he ran out of things to say, and then he would stay there anyway, just holding her hand. This was the way it was for many days.
-Lines of Opposition (Masters & Renegades #5)


I have enough of these references to fill many blog posts because that is the type of connection to which many of us aspire…finding that soul mate.


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