Solutions not Resolutions – News and Winter Blues:

January 22, 2013 at 11:33 pm (horror, The Snowy Barrens trilogy, writing) (, , , , , , , , , )

I don’t deal well with winter – I honestly wish I could hibernate and wake up come spring much thinner and refreshed. Instead, the nasty cold weather and dismally gray days suck away all of my creative juices and leave me one anti-social sourpuss. I’m usually left with three options: try to force away the gloom by taking a couple of art breaks (and neglecting my blog and other forms of social media in the process), focus on less creative tasks like editing and reading/reviewing (I’m doing that) and hole up in a pseudo-hibernation (which never makes me thinner, but keeps me from growling at people.) I’m working on prepping The Blood Runs Deep for release (it makes me melancholic – I miss these characters so much) and keeping to myself while gather resources for next month’s “Love and Hawthorne” theme. It means missing the odd day’s blog post, but better that than going on some awful cranky rant, which I’m prone to do this time of year.

On a happy front, I have good news. Slices of Flesh, the Dark Moon Books anthology in which my flash fiction horror tale “What I’ve Gots in my Pocketses” appears, made it onto the preliminary ballot for anthologies for the 2012 Bram Stoker Awards (woo woo!). This is just as their Mistresses of the Macabre anthology, which contains my ghastly tale “Orbs”, is approaching release. It sounds like it is going to be one very special anthology. Masked Mosaics, an anthology containing my flash fiction “A Face in the Wind” from Canadian press, Tyche Books is also revving up for a February release.

If I wasn’t suffering from the winter blahs, I’d be giddy.


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  1. Giora said,

    Congrats for the good news for making it for the first round for the 2012 Bram Stoker Awards and good luck with the The Blood Runs deep. Today we had the first cold day in Toronto and the city is covered with snow. And if you have a novel with 50K words ready, hurry to Amazon ABNA and submit this week. They have now horror contest.

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