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January 16, 2013 at 1:58 am (horror, Reviews, writing) (, , , , , , , )

While I could happily live without TV, I’m not so happy without a regular dose of movies, especially horror. Luckily, through a Canadian version of a common Internet movie subscription site, I watch movies on a regular basis. While I love getting out to the theatre from time to time, I like watching a good horror flick from the comfort of my own home too, once the kiddies are in bed, and it’s much easier for me to do (no babysitter required.) This has been my solution to a lack of opportunity for getting away.

My biggest problem with movies is that plots have become so formulaic than I can often predict the “twist ending” from some of the foreshadowing provided. When I point the foreshadowing out to the hubby and say “that means such-and-such is going to happen later” and it does, he usually tells me “you could write these things.” I’m not sure I’d be any good at screenplays, but I could certainly come up with the storylines. Anyway, because of this I really appreciate a movie that takes me by surprise (like The Caller with Malcolm MacDowell or Unbreakable with Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson – two of my favourites.)

Another thing I like about watching movies at home is the selection is so much better. Like exploring indie books, I get to explore indie or lesser known movies as well. I’ve found some real gems I wouldn’t have otherwise seen.

Here’s just a few I’ve watched so far in 2013 that I’ve enjoyed:

The Descendents – An original movie about a dying woman, a discovered affair, the handling of an estate in Hawaii, and not my typical fare, but I liked it nevertheless. All of the characters were flawed and driven by emotion.

The Expendables – A fun action flick with good guy camaraderie and a refreshingly strong female character at the centre of the plot. Lots of explosions, martial art scenes and the slinging of one-liners.

Bernie – A movie based on a true story about a quirky but beloved character and a bizarre murder where the townsfolk sided with the murderer. Jack Black plays the title character.

Suspect Zero – Probably my favourite so far in 2013 about a serial killer targeting serial killers (it has Ben Kingsley in it and he did a spectacular job.)

Three Inches – the pilot movie for a superhero series that never came to be, although these “supers” are more like deuces (for those who are familiar with the Wild Cards series). A nifty concept…too bad the TV series never panned out.

My Soul to Take – Wes Craven possessed slasher flick, predictable but enjoyable nevertheless

Bringing out the Dead – Nicholas Cage weirdness about an ambulance driver who stresses to his breaking point. A little too strange in plaves but I still liked it

The Horse Boy – a documentary about a couple who take their autistic son to Mongolia to see the reindeer people and the shamans there for spiritual healing – very cool

Stake Land – a post apocalyptic flick with vampires and cannibals, definitely my type of movie.

Now of course, you can’t win ’em all so here are the duds

Kill List – a recommendation from a friend. They loved it. I thought it took far too long (with too many scenes of the main character and his wife arguing, getting drunk and her crying) to get into the real story and even the action scenes weren’t that well paced.

Piranha DD – Okay, I knew this one would be totally cheesy, and I did get some good laughs out of it, but it was as bad as you might expect.

Saw 3D the Final Chapter – A rehashing of a worn-out concept. I loved Saw, but the movies degraded with every new release. I really hope this one is the last.

I’ve got a few I’m eying for tonight but I’m glad to have so many to choose from. I’ll keep you up to date on any other ones that tickle my fancy.

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