January 10, 2013 at 1:10 am (writing)

Sharing my post from today at the Guild of Dreams blog…

Guild Of Dreams

This has been a month of rejections for me, so far. Rejection is a part of trying to become a published writer, everyone knows that. Friends will try to encourage you by telling you “such-and-such was rejected X number of times before it was published.” That’s nice, but that honestly has no bearing on my success or failure. For every success story after multiple rejections you can reference, there are an equal number of people who struggled all of their lives to get some acknowledgement of their prowess…some recognition of their work…without anything significant to show for it. Even some of the legendary writers we consider truly successful died without seeing much if any of that for themselves.

One example? H. P. Lovecraft, one of the Masters of Horror, died nearly destitute. His name didn’t elicit the kind of recognition then that it does now. His works were only known…

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