Genre for the Holidays – My Fantasy Christmas Wish-List (for fun)

December 19, 2012 at 1:36 am (fantasy, writing) (, , , , , , , , , , )

As a lark, here’s my top 10 fantasy gift list:

  1. A dragon to both fuel my furnace, roast my marshmallows and weenies and eliminate any issues with my neighbours
  2. A fairy godmother who could magically “poof” my books onto the best-seller lists (better than relying on puppets…)
  3. An elf who likes to do housework (no explanation necessary)
  4. A wondrous cauldron that could instantly conjure any food I wanted (with zero calories – of course)
  5. A saddle-broken jackalope so I could get to work super fast and not worry about gas or parking
  6. A magic beanstalk that could take me anywhere I want to go (without motion sickness)
  7. A gorgon who can hang out in front of my cubicle so I can get some work done without interruptions
  8. A goose who lays golden eggs as my lay-away retirement plan
  9. A mermaid to snag me some lobster for Christmas dinner (otherwise, we’ll have to make do with roast beef)
  10. A magic beating stick (if you insist on knowing why, I’ll let you find out first hand)

    Only a week to Christmas!



  1. Barbara said,

    Loved the list! Should have told me about the Gorgon position, I would have applied. 😉

    • chantellyb said,

      You do know that qualifications for that position include the ability to turn people to stone with a single look, right?

      • Barbara said,

        Just so happens I have an awesome “glare”, the “if looks could kill” kind.

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