Genre for the Holidays – Speculating Solstice

December 13, 2012 at 11:41 pm (fantasy, horror, Links, writing) (, , , , , , , )

I realize most of my focus has been on Christmas, but that is the traditional holiday celebrated by my family. I thought I would share the joy a little and make mention of winter solstice, celebrated in many different cultures in many different ways. My husband was doing some research into winter solstice the other day, when he came across the following reference on Wikipedia:

Beiwe Festival (Sami people of Fennoscandia)
The Saami, indigenous people of Finland, Sweden and Norway, worship Beiwe, the sun-goddess of fertility and sanity. She travels through the sky in a structure made of reindeer bones with her daughter, Beiwe-Neia, to herald back the greenery on which the reindeer feed. On the winter solstice, her worshipers sacrifice white female animals, and thread the meat onto sticks which they bend into rings and tie with bright ribbons. They also cover their doorposts with butter so Beiwe can eat it and begin her journey once again.[9]

9 “December Holidays”. School of the Seasons.

He thought I would find it interesting (he was right) because of the relevance to my latest NaNoWriMo project (I’m more than halfway through Chapter 19 and then only one last chapter to go.) At the same time, it’s a little disturbing to me, considering my protagonist’s love interest trades skins to become a female white reindeer. It dredges up dreadful ideas of what would have happened to poor Lieđđi if one of the brothers had first come across her in her animal form while looking for the winter solstice sacrifice (yikes!) That would have quickly turned my fantasy adventure tale into a nasty horror story.

More tomorrow J


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  1. Christina Westover said,

    It amazes me the tales and beliefs different cultures have. Those beliefs may seem ridiculous or fantastical to some, but we live in a world where energy can be manipulated, where unexplained mysteries abound, and where mankind does not have all of the answers to life’s questions. I also immediately thought of your Nano story when reading this–mythology has always found truth in the physical world.

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