Genre for the Holidays – Holiday Travel?

December 10, 2012 at 12:47 am (fantasy, writing) (, , , , , , , , , , )

Travel through time and space…trips to alternate dimensions…magic and angels . These are all things we associate with a variety of speculative fiction, science fiction, fantasy and the paranormal – so in a way, you can consider a true Christmas classic also a genre classic. My husband and I watched “It’s a Wonderful Life” again the other day and I still love that movie, even if it is an old black and white flick I’ve seen several times. I find little details I missed the time before every time I watch it and the more I watch it the more entrenched I get in the speculative aspect of the film, the “What if?” The plot has quirky twists and turns that make you realize how big an impact George has made on the people in his life before he is even in the process of re-examining it, and how his fate has foiled him at many a turn in order to guide him to the place he is at, the place which leads to his encounter with Clarence. It’s well plotted and very magical, the kind of story I wish I could have written.

And I can’t discuss genre classics and time travel without mentioning Dr. Who. In fact, it was a picture I saw of Santa Claus daleks that made me decide to write this post. I haven’t seen the Christmas special yet, but shots of grinning evil snowmen and weeping angels are everywhere on the Internet, and I’m definitely intrigued by the idea. It goes to show that Christmas and time travel really can mix, under the right circumstances – an eerie blend, but a fun one.

Besides, if it weren’t for time travel, could the big guy in red and white really make it around the world in his magic sleigh in a single night?



  1. cherylmoore said,

    Hi Chantal, I’ve nominated you for The Blog of The Year 2012 award, because you’re just awesome 🙂 Scroll down after the ‘special thanks’ section and if you have enough time you can see the rules and also why I nominated you. Cheryl

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