Adventures in NaNo-land – So-So Woes

November 29, 2012 at 1:15 am (fantasy, Links, writing) (, , , , , , , )

Well, it’s done, NaNoWriMo 2012 is a confirmed win. Normally I’d be celebrating at this point, happy to have crossed the finished line and pleased with my progress on manuscript #20, but there’s something eating at me. I like to think I’m not the only writer who runs into this when trying to plug their way through a rough patch in a first draft, a chapter that just wouldn’t come out the way you had anticipated. Since it was NaNo and a first draft, I pushed my way through it, but I’m not happy with the results. What’s even more disappointing was I was actually expecting chapter 14 to be one of my more exciting chapters. Instead, it fell a little flat (okay…maybe a lot flat).

This is not the end of the battle, however. I’ll go on to finish the next six chapters and complete this first draft before year’s end, but I know when the time comes to edit this book, this chapter will give me a passel of trouble. I might have to attack it more than once, and I may never be fully satisfied with the results. I think it’s funny considering how pleased I was with the way Chapter 12 turned out when I didn’t have high hopes for it. You can plan things out and have great aspirations, but that doesn’t mean everything will go your way. Writing is a fickle thing.

Fickle or not, I’m still following through on my NaNo tradition and posting the first draft chapter to As promised, here is the link (don’t say I didn’t warn you):

Hopefully, once it has had a few months to gel and I get back to it in edits, it’ll shape up to something closer to what I had originally imagined. Coming at it fresh may just do the trick. So far chapter 15 seems to be working okay, so maybe I’m past my dry spell. I’ll let you know by day 30.


  1. weifarer said,

    Congrats on finishing, Chantal!

    It is funny, I just glossed through a chapter that I felt stuck on. It just wouldn’t come together and I felt like I’d been working on it forever, so I skipped ahead. I’ve never done that before! And I agree with you, I don’t look forward to tackling it again in the edits . . . It will be a bear!

    • chantellyb said,

      Thanks – I’m hoping I’m just tired and when I come back to it well rested, it will work for me.

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