My Favourite Monsters A-Z – Ogre

October 18, 2012 at 8:59 pm (fantasy, horror, writing) (, , , , )

I have a special fondness for ogres (or the female version, ogress) because they are another fairytale regular and they are French in origin. They are almost always depicted as dumb, brutish and ugly, more than often easily outwitted by the protagonist of the story. They are also often portrayed as cannibalistic, much like giants and trolls, making them especially frightening (we’re not talking anything as docile as Shrek here.)

This monster is repulsive in more ways than just their eating habits. They are often clawed and fanged, their body is marred by things like warts and excess hair, and they supposedly have a less than desirable odor. Otherwise, they look much like an extra-large, ugly human, which is probably something that makes them even more disturbing.

Here is my sketch of an ogre



  1. Jae said,

    Do you ever wonder what inspired these creatures to enter into our storyverse? I often wonder if there were someone or something that actually existed, not an ogre per say but different enough that they inspired these tales? What do you think?

    • chantellyb said,

      I think most monsters are a personification of people’s fears. The fear of being eaten, or the threat of having your children eaten, is a very primal fear.

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