My Favourite Monsters A-Z – The Fenris wolf

October 7, 2012 at 9:49 pm (fantasy, horror) (, , , , , )

A monster from Norse mythology this time, the Fenris wolf was frightening enough to strike fear in the hearts of the gods themselves. Also known as Fenrir, this fierce giant amongst wolves was, according to legend, the son of Loki and father to all the wolves.

Prophecy claimed he would grow to great size and would not be able to be restrained if allowed to reach adulthood without being unfettered. A chain of unspeakable strength, the Gleipnir, was constructed to bind him and it took divine power to have him bound. One of the gods, Tyr, sacrificed a hand to the beast while they were in the process of restraining him.

Tyr’s not the only god who will suffer as a result of the Fenris wolf. This monster is prophesied to be the downfall of Odin, at Ragnarok.

Here is my sketch of the Fenris wolf above.


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