My Favourite Monsters A-Z – Dragon-kin

October 5, 2012 at 9:13 pm (Casualties of War, fantasy, horror) (, , , , , , , , )

Drakes, dragons, dragonets and others of the draco persuasion are littered throughout horror and fantasy, myth and legend. While not all of them are scary per se, the ones who are can be downright ominous. Whole they almost all have scale-armoured bodies and sharp teeth and claws, some can breathe anything from fire to noxious gas, some are frightfully intelligent and can use their own magic, some have enormous strength and others can move at lightning speed. Big or small, winged or otherwise, you don’t want to catch one of these in a foul mood. Here’s an excerpt from Casualties of War involving one particularly nasty ice drake:

Reid had Dee approach the mouth of the cave with him, and the goat, while the others waited behind. He had already picked out a sturdy spot where they could attach the animal’s lead that was visible enough to the cavern’s interior to attract the drake. Reid had Dee move back once the goat was secured, after which he gave it a solid swat to the rump. It bleated loudly as a result. Then, Reid dashed away.

They hid amongst the bushes watching the goat as it stumbled about. Occasionally, it would stop and look into the cavern, or gaze out at the skyline as it swayed from side to side. Then suddenly it was not there. In blinking, they had missed the moment the drake had seized its prey. Dee was horribly startled by this. Dragons had the reputation of being slow because of their size, but their smaller, more-streamline cousin had moved at lightning speed. What it lacked in overall strength, it made up for in versatility. The only evidence left that the goat had ever been there was a trail of blood drops leading into the cavern. Dee shuddered and backed away quickly.

Above you’ll find my sketch of an ice drake.


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