Appreciation and Disappointment

May 5, 2012 at 12:02 am (writing)

I’m going to start this blog post with a thank you. A group of my writer friends have deemed this week “Publishers Appreciation Week” in support of a publisher who is having a rough time with an author and Amazon, despite the fact that this publisher is following the rules and being very professional in the dispute. I’ve seen this happen more than once, where an author feels entitled to more than what is in their contract and makes a stink about it. I hope this passes and things work out for this publisher, who has contracted one of my stories (which will be published under my pseudonym.) Good luck, Gina.

That explained, I want to celebrate five of my publishers who have been great to work with and I feel deserve my thanks:

The first and probably most obvious is May December Publications – three novels published, two more in the works and hopefully, many more to follow. They have published my shorts in multiple anthologies. They have provided me with enthusiastic support and spectacular cover artwork (from Shawn Conn). I consider Denise and Todd good friends.

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The second on my list, and the first to purchase one of my stories, is Notreebooks. Eve is a great editor and I thank her for giving me my first real break.

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The first publisher to accept one of my non-fiction works was Rymfire eBooks. I have now participated in a couple of their publications and I enjoy working with Armand.

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I have two pieces published with Crowded Quarantine Publications and I have my fingers crossed that there will be more. Adam is fun and talented, with a good eye for horror.

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And lastly, I have to thank Dark Moon Books, and Stan, for giving me the opportunity to share pages with some writers I greatly admire. I have my fingers crossed for more to come with them as well.

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With my “thank you”s made, I have a comment now directed towards other writers regarding blurbs and sampling. I usually enjoy reading my writer friends’ book blurbs and flash fiction, but please, please, please make sure they are polished before sharing them publicly with others. It’s one thing to put out excerpts of WIPs, where people are aware you are still in the editing process, or casual blog entries with the occasional slip, but when you offer a book blurb that is supposed to properly represent that book and there are multiple grammatical errors, or you present a piece of “complete” flash fiction, that is supposed to be a solid example of your work, with a spelling error in the very first sentence, it might dissuade potential readers. I feel really disappointed when I see those types of mistakes, knowing that my friends’ promotional efforts might be doing more harm than good. You may not be able to control everything with regards to your books and stories, but at least take care of the smaller things you do control.


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