The Blurb on Other People’s Words – Zero

April 16, 2012 at 10:11 pm (horror, Reviews, writing) (, , , , , , )

Zero – Edited by TW Brown

Until now, my favourite anthology from May December Publications has been Midnight Movie Creature Feature, but it has been knocked out of top spot by Zero. There were only seven stories in this book, longer short stories and novelettes, so chances were that this anthology was going to be either a hit or a miss. In my opinion, it was a hit. I went in expecting the stories to be fairly similar, typical viral outbreaks leading to the zombie apocalypse but all seven stories were very good, and for the most part, delightfully original. If you prefer the more traditional zombie tale, there were stories included that would appeal to you, but there were also tales with a good dose of humour and a range of causes for the apocalypse – from curses, to technology , to animal attacks. One of the stories even offered up a chilling alternative history.

All I can say is that I was glad that the stories weren’t longer than they were, because once I started one, I found it terribly hard to put down the book until I finished that particular tale, and I’m a very busy lady. They were well written and gripping, presenting wonderful multi-dimensional characters and all in all, they were amazingly clever. I can’t even pick out a particular favourite or two because each offered something appealing and unique. The first two stories, Morning Show Host and The Zombie Curse, both had me laughing, one of my preferred traits in a zombie story. They were a nice light-hearted lead-in for the anthology. The next, Termination Papers, was solid traditional zombie fare, followed by a disturbing tale, The Scientific Method, which strayed into stranger, but equally enjoyable, territory. William added an element of frightful science fiction to the anthology, and the last story, Quietus, was a terrifying grand finale. Thanks to that tale, the starlings in my backyard now make me jumpy

I actually had to fight off my mother-in-law just to finish the book, because it caught her interest right away when she glanced through it while visiting; she wanted to take it home with her that evening. I made her wait to allow me the opportunity to finish it, but next time she drops by I’ll let her borrow it, because I think this anthology should be shared with as many horror fans as possible. May December seems to have a knack at rooting out great talent. I’ve even managed to convince my husband, who is not a horror fan, that it’s well worth the read. A firm five stars for this one.


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