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March 12, 2012 at 11:31 pm (writing)

Cryptic – by DA Chaney

After starting on a book I was going to review and not being able to get through it (I won’t post anything that negative), it was a relief to step into one of DA’s stories. I was expecting good things based on her short stories and I wasn’t disappointed.

The novella begins with Marcus reflecting on the newly constructed family crypt, and the tragic death of his father. Marcus blamed himself for that, and the crypt was a means of atonement. Marcus is then attacked and dies as gruesomely as his father had.

The story then jumps to over a hundred years later. We are now introduced to Guliana, a poor sole being coerced into a marriage to further her family’s ambitions. She is travelling with the man expected to become her husband. Her lanky wooer, Conor, sensing her reluctance, tries to charm her with words. Before he can get far, they are attacked by something horrible and Guliana is carried off. Conor’s search for her leads to a dark and disturbing discovery.

The story travels again in time to almost a hundred years later and we are presented with a subterranean creature who is an offshoot of humans. We learn of her kind’s history and their interaction with the undead in the area. DA adds in a couple of grave-robbers and the local nobility, and then brings the story all together.

I loved the way this took place over centuries and introduced mutant creatures and walking dead for a horrific back-drop, all the while providing you with fascinating characters and rich history. Then, at the centre of it all, is the crypt. DA is a natural writer who is well-skilled at creating intrigue and building suspense. This isn’t for the faint of heart, with plenty of violence and gore one would expect from a tale of horror intermingled with the colourful storyline. This was a terrific read and I’d love to see something longer from this author.



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