February 11, 2012 at 3:51 am (writing)

For a writer, the expectation is there in today’s day and age to have a constant presence in the major social networks. You have to have at minimum one blog. You have to be constantly on the lookout for exposure. You have to be as much of a salesperson as you are a story-teller – or perhaps even more so.

The problem is that creativity is a creature that thrives with isolation. Many of us who write like our solitude. When you are attempting to be extroverted, often a stretch for us, it is difficult to remain introspective, a very necessary component of our work. To make matters worse, some of us are clueless about how to connect with others. Many writers push their books by being spammy and repetitive, told that they will only capture certain people’s attention by putting their book in front of them several times, not recognizing that if the first method they use was unsuccessful, most folks will just tune out if they throw the same thing at them over and over again. I’m not doing that, but trying instead to find new and different ways to show people what I have to offer. It still isn’t easy.

I’ve decided to unplug for a little while, and get back to what motivates me and makes me happy. Part of that is for the sake of sanity in a real world that feels nasty crazy right now because of bus strikes and staffing issues at work, and part of that is to avoid some really disturbing peer-to-peer bashing over an incident with some of my fellow writers. I don’t want any part of it, and I’ve told people as much. The more time I spend online, the more people try to pull me into all of that, when I’ve already decided how to deal with it on my end in as professional a manner as I can muster. Try to prompt me about it, without being invited to share in the first place, and I will ignore you.

I’m still perusing my e-mail and occasionally dipping my toe into the Facebook /Twitter /Google+ ocean from time to time, but I’m not worrying about keeping up with my blog or reviews (this is just a fortunate impulse) and I’m mostly just focusing on working on my latest experiment, a paranormal thriller entitled Intangible. As I’ve told my regular networking buddies, if you need me, just shout – that way I’ll be able to hear you through all the social network white noise I’m in the process of disregarding. If you want to connect with me in a civil way, off of the grid, I welcome e-mails at chantellyb(at)hotmail_dot_com.


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  1. Chris Hugh said,

    Wow, interesting food for thought. Great writing, as always.

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