NaNoWriMo and My Positivity Kick

December 3, 2011 at 2:40 am (Elevation, horror, Links, writing) (, , , , )

Another year’s National Novel Writing Month is over and I’m happy to say that this year was another success. I beat the 50K challenge and surpassed the 60K goal I set for myself, clocking in at 74K a day early. I’m still a little disappointed, however. I would have like to have finished Sleep Escapes Us in its entirety, but when I validated, I still had three chapters to go (two now). Squeezing in those last two chapters won’t be that easy either. With new deadlines looming for going over proofs, finishing illustrations, writing blurbs and other supplementary fare for Elevation, Fervor’s sequel, from May December Publications and deadlines for several things I have in the works with Trestle Press, it will likely be at least a couple of weeks before I can hope to have those last two chapters done. Never mind the demands of the holidays…

I found myself getting a little frustrated and disheartened part way through November. Feeling overworked, in some instances undervalued, and facing a steady stream of short story rejections, I came to a bit of a mental impasse. I wanted to just write and forget the rest of it all. I decided the best way to handle it was to refocus upon the positive and take a break from the more taxing activities like submissions and going over critiques and reviews – sort of a “negativity vacation.” I stopped posting negative responses to comments or status updates, I dropped writer groups where the conversations went nowhere and did not offer anything positive or productive and I stopped reading articles that were just there for the sake of doom and gloom. It was refreshing. I started enjoying writing again, and I’m finding that I’m re-energized and smiling more often. I mean, this is all supposed to be “fun” right? -Even if it is hard work.

So I figured one of the best ways to keep being positive is to share the good this you come across with others. Here are a few of the more inspiring links I came across this week:

Another writer’s contemplations regarding perseverance:

Reflections on why a writer writes:

Musings on how writers are like snowflakes:

The curse, and blessings, of needing to be a writer:

Also, if you want a taste of the first draft of Sleep Escapes Us, I have Chapters 1 – 17 posted to, starting with Chapter 1 at:


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