The Blurb on Other People’s Words – Alexandrea Weis

October 25, 2011 at 12:40 am (Reviews, writing) (, , , , )

For You (The NOLA Series) by Alexandrea Weis

Daphne Melancon discovers unusual items of historical importance beneath her aged home, and finds herself at the centre of an old murder mystery. Pursuing the puzzle unearthed by her discovery takes her from strange to downright eerie. Smooth and sultry describes best the styling of M. Weis in this delightful digital short. She captures the mysterious and earthy flavour of New Orleans, with lush descriptions and well served ambiance. It encompasses several of the things I look for in my story choices: death, the supernatural and that human element that draws you solidly into the tale – a good investment for your leisure time.

The Keeper of the Dead Volume Two The NOLA Series by Alexandrea Weis

The Nola Series continues with the same bold flavour found in the first instalment. This time, Weis introduces us to Director of Cemeteries, Angele Soule. Our plucky protagonist stumbles into a murder mystery rife with voodoo and the supernatural. Her urge to play detective leads her down an exciting pathway to danger. I love the dark and sordid backwash to these tales, thanks to the New Orlean setting. The characters in the story are multi-dimensional with just the right amount of heroic flair. I think you’ll find this a gripping story with lots of entertaining twists and turns.

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