The Blurb on Other People’s Words – Sam Lang

October 4, 2011 at 2:15 am (horror, Reviews, writing) (, , , , )

In honour of the approach of Halloween, I’m kicking off November with some pretty spooky fare

Making Plans, Making Memories (Reprisal) – by Sam Lang

How can I not like a digital horror short story that begins with “They were all dead”? Add in a couple of very quirky characters, along with a series of prison closures that are causing a serious dilemma, a nosy feminist reporter and a town’s shadowy secrets, and you have a recipe for some first rate suspense. The Chief is a crusty, no-nonsense, veteran policeman and Eddie is a modern journalist, sensitive guy who returned to Reprisal despite having the chance to make his escape. This intro to the town of Reprisal generates chills aplenty but leaves us wondering what lies beneath what’s on the murky surface.

Impeccant (Reprisal) – by Sam Lang

 This second digital short story instalment returns focus to Reprisal’s reluctant hero, Eddie. After exploring some of his history, the author carries us to the prison evacuation day. It starts to become clear that Reprisal is a town of eerie environs, one filled with strange events and even stranger people. When the history lesson is expanded from personal to that of the town, things really take a startling turn. More shadows, more revelations, and others yet to come.

Shadow Boxing (Reprisal) – by Sam Lang

This tale introduces De’Light, a different resident of Reprisal. He is a boxer with a dark heart and an even darker past. One of the prisoners referred to in the first two instalments, he kills, and has killed before, without much thought or concern for consequence. There’s a bit more gore and typical elements of horror in this digital short compared to the first two stories and I’d say this is my favourite of the three, for its harder, grittier edge. When it turns out there will be repercussions to his actions, De’Light is surprisingly blasé. I’m looking forward to the next in the series.

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