The Blurb on Other People’s Words – Darren Sant

September 20, 2011 at 1:37 am (Reviews, writing)

Today I decided to review some refreshing short fiction from Darren Sant. He offers bold narrative in a modern real-world setting with rich and diverse characters.

Tales from the Longcroft Estate: A Good Day by Darren Sant

This is another quick, fun offering from Trestle Press. The story begins with a brief calm moment and then jumps into a situation with a frantic pace – a theft from a luxury vehicle, followed by the thief on the run. When he makes his way to his next target, this time a break-and-enter on a residence, he finds something completely unexpected, and our thief is suddenly presented with the opportunity to play hero. Not wanting to give too much away, that’s all I’ll reveal of the story. What I will say is that I like his crisp narrative, his gritty realism and the continuous sense of action throughout the story, even during the less hurried moments – a digital short worth reading.

Tales from the Longcroft Estate: Community Spirit by Darren Sant

This digital short story begins on Monday with our protagonist, Tracy, being physically threatened to provide a required sum of money by the following Friday, then allows us to see how things progress until the Friday in question. Tracey is a victim of circumstance and now finds herself with a harsh debt that she cannot shake. The five day window that follows shows us her desperate attempt to handle her current dilemma. The ending is inspirational and says a lot about what it means to be a part of something special. I love the way this writer seems to find something positive in a place with many shadows.

Flashes of Revenge: Six short tales of revenge by Darren Sant

I have always been a fan of three-minute mysteries and I enjoyed this collection of flash fiction in much the same way. Darren Sant proves to have a way with words even in this shorter format. The opening quotes set the stage nicely. It was hard to believe that the writer could manage to throw in twist endings with so few words, but here he succeeds in doing just that. Part of the reason these brief tales work so well is because his narrative is exceptionally visual. Just a glimpse of the situation gives you the entire story. Kudos for some great flash fiction!


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