The Blurb on Other People’s Words – Taking Back Tara

September 13, 2011 at 1:47 am (Reviews, writing)

Taking Back Tara – by Eve Paludan


I’ll start by briefing you on this story, although I can’t say much without giving a lot away because it’s a shorter work, less than 10k. It begins with a cowboy, Zane, who arrives to pay a visit with his ex, Tara, only to find she is missing, as are her horse and dogs. We discover that they have a complicated history, involving a second husband who had wooed Tara away from Zane, a tragic event involving a fire and the discovery that Zane has held on to some of the dreams that they had together while they were married.

Let me begin by saying that while I do enjoy the occasional western, I’m generally not a fan of romance. Going into this, the two things that kept me interested was that this was a short 19 pages and it was written by someone whose writing I have enjoyed in the past. The intro was promising. It had me intrigued; the characters were quirky, the background story seemed very unusual, and the descriptions were not flowery and overdone as is typical with most romances. Instead, there was a subtle and inviting realism to the narrative. A few pages in, and I was swept away

The only thing disappointing about this story is that it wasn’t long enough. I would have been happy to read a full novel with such fresh, earthy and vital characters. It sucked me right in, and I was moved by their very human imperfections and their satisfying familiarity. The tale kind of felt like the culmination of a much longer story – certainly a 5 star read.


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