September 9, 2011 at 11:15 pm (fantasy, Magic University, writing)

Magic University

 Application Form

 Title Mr / Mrs / Miss / Ms / Other
Surname/family name Brynwyrm
First/given names Nia

Gender Male / Female

Proposed subject details

Master Martial Magical Arts

Are you applying for a place as an affiliated student?
Yes / No

If Yes, with whom did you novice? Astrelle Belbrey

Contact address
Country/Principality/City State: Karima
Hamlet/Town/City: Dashell

Age 22

Please indicate where you would prefer to be interviewed, if selected: Dashell

If you are selected for interview but it is not possible to interview you outside of Anthis, would you be available to come to Magic University for the interview? Yes / No

Are there any aspects of the course at Magic University that attracted you to apply here?

International recognition (I travel a lot)

Have you applied to Magic University before? Yes / No

Glue photograph here

Please write your name, subject and MU personal ID on the back of the photo


Career plans

Do you have any specific career plans? Yes / No

(Answering No will not disadvantage your application in any way.)

If Yes, please specify: Military Mage

Admissions test Elite Seat Admission Trials

Place and country of
birth – Zemadillix, Sartaksis,

Ethnicity: Reptilian (exiled)

Apprentice category: Master Arts

Source of funding Unknown

Have you applied or will you be applying for a scholarship Yes / No

Special conditions apply

Disability/specific learning difficulty Yes / No

Criminal conviction Yes / No

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