A Few Items of Interest

July 8, 2011 at 11:41 pm (writing)

#WWW – Instead of one of my longer rants, I have a bunch of little things to mention today. The first of them, and the one that has me very excited, is the official start of the Wicked Women Writers Challenge by horroraddicts.net. This is my first stab at podcasting, since I narrated my story in the competition. Please, please, please go listen to all of these wonderful stories at :


The ladies here are very talented at writing horror and there are some fabulous readers too…not me, you’ll have the opportunity to point and laugh when you hear mine, but that’s an extra reason for you to pop over and listen. Once you’ve listened to all the great stories, please vote for your favourite. Some free fun for everyone!

My next bit o’ news is the upcoming release from Rymfire eBooks(July 15) of Undead Tales, a wild anthology filled with zombie stories and poems including my short: “What a Man’s Gotta Do”. If you want a story that reflects the unisex voice I mentioned I had when writing in my “Genre Engendered?” post, this story is probably a good example. This anthology is filled with amazing talent and I have the honour of being a rare female contributor – and keeping some mighty fine company, I might add. You can find more details, including the full Table of Contents at:


If you’re a fan of zombie horror, this is well worth the read.

 Also this month (July 19), I’ll be guest blogging on the Open House for Steve Lockley’s Confessions of a Technophobe:


Steve asked that we focus on writing horror, so my topic will be “The Element of Fear” and it will be about more than just the creepiness of horror in general. I hope you drop by to check it out.

Lastly, while it still needs a bit of construction for things like my links, my favourites and a few other tweaks, my Visions in the Dark website is now up and running. I invite you to have a look:



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