The Blurb on Other People’s Words – Cheryl Moore, Writer/Artist

July 4, 2011 at 11:39 pm (writing)

I’m taking a break from reviewing novels and anthologies to focus on a series of phenomenal micro-stories being published online. Their creator, an incredibly creative woman by the name of Cheryl Moore, has been sharing them with the world at large as a way of introducing readers to her Unbound Boxes Limping Gods series, which will hopefully be published relatively soon (she is currently submitting the first novel to publishers, while working on novel number six.) Not only is she an extraordinary writer, but she also produces stunning colour and black & white illustrations to accompany her intriguing micro-stories (such as the example I’ve included here), so that you can see firsthand what these dynamic characters look like from Cheryl’s point of view.

At last count, Cheryl has eighteen of her delightful tales posted to her wordpress site ( Now don’t misunderstand me – when I say delightful, I’m not suggesting that these are sweet, joyful, positive stories, like pretty, little fairy tales. Far from it; many of these are dark and disturbing, gratingly so even, but they are very human, always touching, and evoke a great assortment of emotion. They are entertaining, they have an amazing amount of scope and depth for so few words and they capture each flawed character very succinctly with just a small glimpse into their lives. It is kind of like looking through a little window and eavesdropping on their existence before someone slams the shutter quickly closed again. When you can see what wonderful things she can do with these small interludes, you can just imagine the even greater wonders she can achieve with a full-length novel – or several.

As I mentioned, Cheryl is hoping to publish the full series someday, but until then, I encourage you to go meet her characters and explore her frightening but beautiful world. You may even want to leave an appreciative comment so you can say someday: “I knew her before she was famous…”

As a final note – JustRR is the subscriber who won my blog draw for the personalized artwork.  If you want to contact me, JustRR, at, we can arrange for you to send me a photo of the person you would like drawn and discuss the horror or fantasy theme you would like me to use.



  1. cherylmoore said,

    Double like!!!!! *A lot of dancing and grinning… and big virtual hugs sent across the Atlantic to Canada. Trips over cat…* Thank you, Chantal, I’m very excited that you’ve given my stories such a…fantastic review. Did I say a lot of dancing’s going on here in England? Apart from the squashed cat, it’s a wonderful surprise!!!!!!!

  2. Glenda A Bixler said,

    Hi, I’m spotlighting Cheryl on my blog this month. Would you be interested in permitting a reprint…or better yet, acting as a guest reviewer sometime this month, using this review???

    Come on over and check it out and then let me know…

    This is a great review and I’d love to share it with my followers…


    • chantellyb said,

      Certainly – I’ll be in touch, Glenda. Cheryl deserves all the support she can get.

  3. cherylmoore said,

    Thank you, both. I’m really happy. I appreciate it.

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