The Blurb on Other People’s Words – Katina Ferguson

June 21, 2011 at 2:05 am (writing)

Fergyville: Episode 1 (Novelette) – Ebook By Katina Ferguson


This is the first review I’m writing based on a review request. In general, this was a commendable first effort that shows she has all the makings of a talented story-teller. The author has a nice, lively writing style that captures the nuances of the characters and their everyday lives, although she does use the occasional phrasing or metaphors that left me scratching my head, such as “Disappointment poured all over Lana’s face.” It added to the quirkiness of her tale, but I think it subtracted from the charming realism this story possessed and I found the story was at its best when she presents it with subtle simplicity rather than fanciful attempts at being descriptive that made it feel “fluffy”.

The characters were what truly made this story enjoyable. Frank was a typical middle-aged man, out of shape, bored with his job despite being competent, and obsessed with sex to the point where he resorts to sexual fantasies to help him escape his boredom and other uncomfortable situations. Catherine is the common working mom, trying to be superwoman but mostly just frazzled and run down. She instead finds herself at the whim of her young children, who are often beyond her control, and the clock, which she is constantly racing.

The thing I wasn’t expecting was that this story had just started when it came to an abrupt end, without really getting into the meat of the tale. I was under the impression that this was a stand-alone story, since it is listed as a novelette, but it was just the first incomplete section of a novel – more like a serial segment. If I were reading the full novel, based on this segment alone, I’d probably rate it at 4 stars but I would have preferred to have a full story to rate, since to me, a solid ending is one of the most important parts of the story. I reserve judgement on the story as a whole, until I get the opportunity to read the ending.


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