The Blurb on Other People’s Words – Dancing with Demons

June 7, 2011 at 11:24 pm (writing)

A couple of reviews of my favourite supernatural tales with a hellish spin:

Uttuku: The Books of Darkness by Robert N Stephenson

 I stepped into this story not knowing what exactly to expect. You are immediately sucked into an unnerving quiet, presented with the players in a shadowy game and offered the protagonist, Diana Arlyn, with all of her engaging flaws and painful humanity. The hot-blooded nature of this compelling character offsets the colder, surreal demons who revolve around her.

The story is slower paced than what I am used to, but it proves necessary for building the suspense and setting the ambiance of the tale – exploring the mindset of an unstable yet successful writer, and delving into the darker realms of the Goth, and the demonic. It is a beautifully and seductively crafted story, dotted with unusual historical references that add flavour to the tale. I only hope that the author continues to follow Diana from where he left off, in future books.

The Demon Baqash by Thom Reese

A very enjoyable read from cover to cover. The narrative flows smoothly and is easy to read without being “dumbed down” in any way. The characters in this story are wonderfully flawed, allowing for a sense of modern day realism blended with classic horror and a hearty dose of the fantastic. I particularly enjoyed the way that Baqash’s background story was intermingled throughout the story in the form of ancient scrolls, giving the tale an archaic biblical feel in places.

Trent, the protagonist is lovable and fallible, making him even more of a human contrast to the various angels and demons in the story and other characters add a lovely flavour of the archtype: Reg as the innocent, Kim as the fallen woman and Eldon as the ever-questing agnostic. I liked the ending, despite the fact that you are left with a feeling that the tale is far from over. I would recommend it to those who like reading the horror/dark fantasy genres as much as I do.

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