Fervent Exposure – The Island

March 26, 2011 at 2:58 am (Fervor, writing)

Fervor is a character in and of itself, so I thought it appropriate to include it as the next topic of discussion. This week, I start my Fervor virtual tour with a brief look at the island as a whole, and in following weeks, I’ll take you to some of the more notable sights: the Hub, Royce’s hide-out and the High Barrens. We’ll also take a look at the hovers, the sole source of transportation on the island aside from walking.

When one of my test readers began reading Fervor, he commented on the description of scenery in the houses. He wondered why there was no mention of décor, and he felt it made things seem bland, uninteresting and homogenous.


“It had only ever been Sam and Maria in their boxy little house on the hill. It was not much, he had to admit, with its very simple design and lack of adornment, but it had met their basic needs.”

Fervor was built on a purely utilitarian basis. Nothing on Fervor exists for the sake of ornamentation or self-expression. The houses are stark and uniform, with contents that are strictly functional. Anything man-made is neutral in colour, including the clothing worn by its natives. Everything feels sterile, just like the inside of a medical laboratory…

In contrast, the natural elements of the island are wild, beautiful and interesting. The powerful ocean, the rocky beaches, the scattering of trees and the dizzying cliffs offset the plain plastic square buildings. The natural settings seem that much more real and alive:

“Grateful for the warm weather, the fresh air, and the smell of the ocean as he inhaled deeply, he jogged happily along the damp sand, dodging the occasional rock and patches of slippery seaweed.”

I’ll pause the tour there, to let you in on a secret – to visit Fervor with company, and to get the chance to interact one-on-one with Sam, this Monday (March 28, 2011) wander over to:


The friendly reporter there will introduce you to our favourite Finder and give you some humorous insight on who Sam is, and how things work on Fervor. Hope to see you there!

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