Fervent Exposure – Elliot

March 12, 2011 at 5:08 am (Elliot)

Elliot, a technician on the mainland adds even more mystery to the story in Fervor when he shows a sudden interest in the children and their predicament. Without explanation he begins to intervene, investigating events on the island from his end and offering Sam, Fiona and Sarah hope where they had none. He sends them messages, delivered by stormy weather – the first one in response to an uncontrolled and freakishly strong outburst by Fiona that happens to reach Elliot, a latent telepath, along the coast of the mainland. Upon getting his first message, Sam and Sarah set out to the farthest reaches of the connection in search of him:

“He reached out and tried to brush at the faint contact there, but Sam realized that he had extended himself as far as he could go. Sarah was not equally limited. She inched past him, and barely touched that vague presence. Out of reach to Sam, he could not hear what they were saying. He was forced to relax and wait, hoping Sarah would be willing to pass along what E was telling her. After a few moments, she pulled back and they both restored their link with Fiona.

―His name is Elliot, and he is living on the mainland, on the closest coast to Fervor, Sarah informed them both. ―He used to be a technician here. He couldn’t tell me much. The strongest Watchers patrol the connection as well, roaming a circuit, and if he’s caught he’ll be sent away. Then he’ll never be able to help us. But he promised to keep sending messages, and to let us know what progress he is making.”

They learn little of Elliot’s personality from his messages, and even when they finally get to meet him in person, he remains gruff and reserved:

“He was dressed in a simple and strangely slick navy cover-all, looked like he was about a head taller than Nathan with a similar build, and had coarse, shoulder-length hair the same light brown colour as Sam’s. He also had facial hair, something that none of the children had ever remembered seeing.”

It is clear that he is not comfortable around children and he does not share his motives for helping them. He withholds other information too, frustrating Sam and Sarah in the process.

Next week – The Controls, Royce’s secret

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