Fervent Exposure – Nathan

March 5, 2011 at 2:26 am (writing)

In Fervor, Nathan is a Watcher, which makes him the big, friendly, guard-dog of Sam’s house-family. He is often the one thing that stands between Sam and Royce’s aggression. In fact, the first time the two boys meet, Nathan rescues Sam from an unruly mob:

Sam looked the boy who had intervened on his behalf in the eye. He was more than half again as tall as the younger boy, and from all appearances, twice as broad. His eyes were a smoky blue colour, his nose slightly crooked and when he smiled one side of his face lifted a little higher than the other. His square-jawed head was topped with coarse, brown hair that stuck up in various places, as unruly as Sam’s was, only thicker and darker.


―You were looking for me, little buddy?

Sam noted that the larger boy had made no attempt to speak to him with his mouth as well as his thoughts, unlike the majority of the people that milled about them. Nathan had already become accustomed to using the connection as his primary method of communication. That seemed a little surprising to Sam, because this Big, while having a push that offered slightly more force than Francis, nowhere near matched Sarah in his potential for power.”

Sam soon discovers than there is an underlying cause for the large boy’s preference for communicating using only telepathy – a pre-existing condition. Nathan’s sensory deprivation also proves to be one of the more troublesome ones, potentially health-threatening.

“―I can’t feel it, Nathan explained. ―Just like this one.

He rolled up his sleeve to reveal a blistered burn on his forearm that was oozing a clear liquid.

―Or this one.

He rolled up his other sleeve to expose a deep gash lined with a newly forming layer of pus.

―I tried to get a hover going, and I almost had it, too. Then it started to overheat, and, well…”

With a heart of gold, Nathan’s only real weakness is being too naive and trusting.

Next week – Elliot – the enigmatic technician



  1. theleagueofelder said,

    I recall Nathan being as very comforting presence. I thought he was the “heart” of the story. Your drawings of him are very nice, Chantal.

  2. chantellyb said,

    Thank you. He is not in very many of the illustrations as he is often excluded from the body of the story because of his “gift”, having to run his circuit. The character dynamics are different in the sequel, Elevation, where he has a stronger presence.

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