Fervent Exposure – Fiona

February 25, 2011 at 10:52 pm (Fervor, Fiona, writing)

My next character presentation is of the Keeper of Sam’s house-family on Fervor, Fiona. Keepers have the knack of being able to learn and recall things very easily. With an eidetic memory, they are a living, breathing database of knowledge. In addition to being the only ones who can work most of the technical devices on Fervor, they are the only ones permitted free access to the island by the Directives. That makes her often necessary in Sam’s finding, since the Directives prevent him from retrieving all of his finds, but not Fiona.

When they first meet, Sam actually has trouble finding Fiona in the crowds at the Hub because her voice in the connection is very quiet compared to the others:

“The pretty girl turned to look at him, her expression morose. She was as robust as Sarah was waif-like. Her rounded cheeks were slightly freckled with a rosy glow, and the skin of her face looked as soft and flawless as her hands had been. Her hair hung in long chestnut waves over her shoulders and her eyes were a warm brown with a hint of green at their centres. She was shorter than Nathan, but about the same height as Francis, so a little on the tall side for a girl, Sam would guess. That was assuming that she was about the same age as the other two Bigs.

―What’s going on here, Sam? It doesn’t make any sense. Martha was gone, and she never came back. Then my brothers told me that I had to come here, and as soon as we made it here they left me. They told me that someone else would come looking for me. They must have meant you.

Sam noted that she was not really trying to communicate with him through the connection. Her mouth moved, as her eyes flashed with panic, but the words that he picked up in her mind were merely an echo of what she has trying to tell him with her physical voice, which he could not hear. She was not making any effort to push at him at all.”

Fiona has a tendency to be change-adverse, wanting to keep things as they are, and doesn’t warm up to new people very quickly. Fiona is the only female Big in the house-family. She is pretty, but can be selfish and superficial at times, so she’s not the most likeable of the characters. Nevertheless, the other Bigs find her intriguing and alluring, and she grows on Sam too, once he discovers that there is a lot more to her if you dig a little deeper. She ends up being at the centre of one of the story’s greater conflicts.

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Next week: Nathan – the Big Watcher with an even bigger heart


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