Fervent Exposure – Royce

February 18, 2011 at 9:06 pm (Fervor)

It’s time for the introduction of the character in Fervor who is the most antagonistic towards Sam, my protagonist. When they first meet, they do not get off to the best of starts:

Sam led Fiona back to his own companions and noticed that there was another boy there, almost as tall as Nathan, with black hair and plain brown eyes. The look that this new boy gave Sam was a little menacing, but it was not nearly as unsettling as the other unusual detail about this boy. When Sam reached out to greet him through the connection, the stranger was not there.

Sam’s not sure why he gets such a cool reception from his house-family’s Control (he does learn why this is eventually), but after a short time together, he realizes that Royce’s attitude towards him is downright unfriendly:

Royce, while quiet and stern-looking, did not offer objection to his Teller’s orders. He did not look pleased to be there, however, and had not smiled yet, Sam noted. In fact, if the smaller boy had to wager a guess, he fell under the distinction of Royce’s least preferred member of their house-family. He was not sure if it was for any reason in particular, such as their inability to communicate without someone else’s help, or if there were more to it than that. Sam just knew that, every time his eyes met Royce’s, he could see the suggestion of animosity there.

The relationship between Sam and Royce does not improve with time, and if anything worsens. That is, until a very unexpected turn of events forces Royce to see Sam in a much different light. Royce is bitter and harsh, but more out of a sense of being excluded rather than being an essentially bad person. He has not dealt well with his repressed rage and a feeling of betrayal, and lashes out in a way that he deems is necessary for his survival. While he has villainous traits, he is not the true villain in Fervor.

Next week’s blog: Fiona – the pretty, but often moody, Keeper of Sam’s house-family who tends to be very set in her ways.

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