Fervent Exposure – Sarah

February 5, 2011 at 4:36 am (fantasy, Fervor, Sarah, writing) (, , , , , , , , , )

Continuing with my introduction of the characters and culture in my book, Fervor, I thought it appropriate to present Sarah, my protagonist’s best friend. Here’s a little excerpt to give you some insight into her persona:

Francis emerged from the house with a girl who was even smaller than Sam. The waif-like Sarah, who stared vacantly out at the space before her and allowed herself to be pulled along carelessly by the blond boy, had both dark hair and eyes and a thin frame.

“Sam? Francis said that you were hurt…” Her thoughts were very strong now that they were actually meeting face to face – much stronger than their Teller’s.

“Here – let me be your eyes,” the older boy offered, and then he projected the image that he saw to the slender girl. Sam could see it too, and it felt weird to see himself through someone else’s eyes. He looked so small, his grey eyes sad and accusatory, his light brown hair uncombed and unruly and his rosy cheeks stained by his tears. Sarah knelt beside him and smiled.

“Is it bad?”

Although Sam knew Sarah had the potential to push much harder than even he could, her thoughts were always so soft, so gentle. He nodded without considering that this gesture would be lost on her if Francis had not chosen to pass it along through his projection.

“Let me see what I can do.”

Her mind touched his, and he felt it wrap around the pain and pull it free.

Sarah is a juxtaposition – small for a Little, she is physically weak and vulnerable because of her visual handicap, but she is also the most powerful member of her house-family on a psychic level. Sam likes to refer to her presence in the connection as “an elephant that tiptoes”. She has the potential to push very forcefully, but uses care not to overwhelm others. As a Fixer, her healing skills make her the most valued individual in the group and the others are inclined to protect her, knowing that their well-being may very well depend on hers.

Because she is the only other Little in the house family, she and Sam develop a special bond. Her essence as a Fixer means that she is naturally nurturing and caring. She loves all of her house-family, even when they stray from an acceptable path. She has a fondness for Francis that the others do not share, and tries to include him despite Sam and Fiona’s objections.

Next week: Francis – a lonely and misunderstood Teller



  1. theleagueofelder said,

    I liked Sarah a lot. I thought she was a fun character, and, as she is also a “little” she seemed to be Sam’s only firend. Being a romantic, I hope something special forms between them at some point.

  2. chantellyb said,

    I liked Sarah a lot – she was my way to repair the damage in places, but she couldn’t fix everything. I know most people would think I’m really strange for this, but Francis was actually my favourite character – one of those consequences of knowing what was going on in his head much more than the readers ever will. Sarah understood him, but she was the only one. Sarah was probably my second favourite character in the book.

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