Sharing the Adventure

December 6, 2010 at 1:51 am (writing)

I recently completed National Novel Writing Month. Being a fairly prolific writer, I set a more challenging goal for myself. Instead of 50,000 words in 30 days, I set my sights on 100,000, the typical word count for one of my novels. I did reach my goal, completing the full first draft, approximately 103,000 words. I’ve been using this opportunity to test other boundaries – I included some graphic, mature content, and did a reasonable amount of research prior to writing.  I posted the full first draft novel to my account (Chantal_Boudreau), and I intend to leave it up until December 7. I’ll leave the prologue and introductory chapters, as well as the supplementary research material that I’ve been adding. It has been quite an adventure, and very enlightening. It also taught me about my own limitations. I’m fairly certain 6,000 words in a day is the most my brain is willing to yield and 4,000 words a day is a pace I cannot maintain in perpetuity. I’ve proven I can reach the goal I set, but it’s not something I want to repeat. I’ll stick to the 50,000 word challenge next year.

I also decided to expand other horizons. I set up my official Writer/Illustrator page on facebook, and I started this blog. It won’t be fancy, but I will commit to regular entries, unlike my practice blog. This won’t be for rants or philosophical musings, just straight up what I’m working on, recent submissions, acceptances and rejections and things in planning. I’ll also be making shout outs regarding write friends’ recent achievements.

‘Til next time – here’s the sample cover art I played around with for my NaNoWriMo novel, Elements of Genocide, my 13th completed novel.


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