Acting on Impulse

June 24, 2010 at 12:59 am (writing)

-“What a rush,” she breathed, still dizzy from the experience. She thought about Chase’s pathway through life and how it compared to her own. She had come to these Trials without considering the tuition expense, or how she would pay it if she placed less than first, but in the top three. In fact, she invested little time or thought in most of the decisions she made; she liked to be impulsive. But so had Chase, and it had tripped him up in the end. Maybe – maybe she should be reconsidering the way she did things –
Nia, Chapter 3, Magic University

Nia has always been my favourite character and I have often asked myself why. She is a little immature, somewhat reckless, more than a tad selfish and extremely impulsive. She is a true hedonist, but she does have a couple of admirable qualities. If she loves someone, truly loves someone, she will fight tooth and claw to keep that person safe, even if it means putting herself at great risk, and above all else, she is resilient. She is so resilient that she has reinvented herself over and over again when things do not work out quite as planned.

I have to admit that there is a little Nia in me, although only a very small piece. I find I dig deep for that part when things have pushed me to a point where I feel like reinventing myself as well. Normally, however, I prefer to think my decisions through. Maybe I like her so much because I yearn for her kind of freedom, since I am much more tied to the need for security.

The majority of my other characters in my stories like Nia, despite her flaws, and many find her completely irresistible. The ones that dislike her are often the ones who fall on the other extreme of the spectrum, and cannot tolerate her unpredictable behaviour, or they are the ones who consider her a direct rival. The ones who love her are the ones who see something in her that they want, but cannot have, or something that they feel that they have lost and want back.

I think the thing that appeals to me most about Nia is the fact that she does not let either fear, or other people’s opinions limit her. Like another character in my tales, Jarvas, I see her as a “spirit of adventure”. I want that more than anything, and you would think that something like that would be a matter of simple choice – but it’s not. I have worked very hard to get to the point where I am willing to take very basic, reasonable risks, but I have not yet reached the point where I would throw caution to the wind and take that great leap. She did. Maybe someday I will too.


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