You’re My Inspiration

June 2, 2010 at 4:01 pm (writing)

“This was something she had convinced herself that she truly wanted and she was not prepared to give up easily, despite her doubts.” Chapter 1, Magic University

I like to consider myself a passionate person, but just like the majority of writers, I have difficulty pinpointing the roots of my inspiration. I thought I would play a little with bits and pieces of my work that trigger that passion. Maybe, it might be able to help me figure out where it all comes from, which in turn would make it easier to access.

I recognize that there is always a personal element to everything someone writes. Although Finch Loreleaf (quoted above), is not a character whom I easily identify with, and at some points I even dislike, I do understand this part of her personality and share in it. I have my doubts – many of them – and when I was younger these doubts stopped me short on many an occasion. I have regrets now because of that, but I’ve learned to transform those regrets into words and characters so that they don’t haunt me anymore. Writing is a very therapeutic tool.

I’ve learned a lot from my writing. I’ve learned how to continue on despite those doubts, pursue things I might not consider myself worthy of having, and offer life the same kind of challenge it offers me. I may not achieve that “ultimate success” and I may stumble on a regular basis, but the doubts don’t stop me anymore. In fact, now, I would say that it is because of those doubts that I’m compelled to work even harder.

I guess what all of this means is that sometimes we can find inspiration in our own failures. See, there is a silver lining to those dark clouds after all.


1 Comment

  1. Barbara said,

    Well said Chantal, but be patient… success WILL find you.
    I wish most of us could live by your words. 🙂

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